Tuesday, April 26, 2011

American Apparel - Poppy and Colorama - Sonic Sunset

Eek, I was a bit stressed for the last week. I was sick with a nasty cold, went on a special tour of a mountain, had my 22 birthday!, house guests, and then Easter all in the last week. I've also been really homesick but I've thankfully gotten over that a bit now. :)

So today I have a polish that was requested by Hermetic back in January when I was looking for a bit of inspiration. I am also featuring another polish that quite a few people wanted to see too!

American Apparel Poppy is a really pretty and bright orange red polish. A creme that applies beautifully in two coats. Once you get used to the long brush it applies very easily.

Now here comes the part where I put magical flakes over Poppy. Maybe about 6 years ago Maybelline had a polish line called Colorama that was introduced to the US. It was pretty affordable and had a wide range of colors. They also had a few different types of effect top coats. Today I'm going to show off #27 Sonic Sunset.

I used two coats of Sonic Sunset over Poppy. Sonic Sunset has various sized of orange, gold flakes. It's just gorgeous, especially over a bright orange.

I tried to get as many angles as I could of this. I even did a bit of super macro too! You click on course to see a bigger picture. Isn't it gorgeous?

I remember the displays for this back when they were first introduced. Nowadays, if you search a bit you can find them in packs at the Dollar Store or Big Lots. I found this one in a set of three at Big Lots for $2.

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