Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zoya Polishes

I have a few Zoya polishes and I like them a lot because they have a wide variety of colors. The bottles are very sleek and classic. While I love the polish when it is on my nails... I hate the formula when I am applying it. Maybe it is just me but I find it to be very thick which makes it hard to do thin coats. The good thing is that once it is on I love it!

Well I have three polishes that I have worn recently.The first one is called Roxy and it is from the Masquerade Collection. It is packed full of glitter and the color is a Magenta Purple.

Next up is Harley a very light gray with a little shimmer to it. It's very pretty and very nice for occasions where you cannot wear outrageous colors. It's from Zoya's Spring 2009 collection called Twist.

The last polish is from the newest collection called Sparkle. I bought all six polishes but this is the only one I have worn so far. It's called Mimi and it royal purple with flecked glitter.