Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OPI - Hong Kong Collection

The Hong Kong Collection is the Spring/Summer 2010 collection from OPI. I only bought two of the twelve polished they released. Overall, I think that it's a really nice collection and there are still a few polishes that I might purchase later.

Up first is my favorite of the collection. Jade is the New Black. It's a really beautiful dark jade green. I just love the color. The formula was kinda iffy for me. The color covered in two coats but I needed to do a third coat because the coat got split at the end. It was worth it because the color is gorgeous.

The second color I bought was Red My Fortune Cookie. It's a red/orange very bright creme. I say that most of the time it leans more orange then it does red. The color is nice but pretty average for a red/orange nail polish. Here it is in three coats.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Trans Atlantic Polish

I have two polishes to show you that I bought from Switzerland. The first one is a metallic blue from a company called Casuelle which is based in the Netherlands. I paid about $2 for it at Manor (Swiss Department Store). It's was a fun color to wear and it stayed pretty well on my nails. The application was nice too. The brush was really nice considering the price.
In three coats:

The next polish I have is from Essence a German company. Which has starting to sell some of their cosmetics at Ulta. The color I used is called All Access from the Multi Dimension collection. It's a green with a blue/teal hint to it.Here it is in three coats:Later on I added one coat of Maybelline's Colorama top coat in Gold Wash:

Friday, March 19, 2010

MAC - Blue India

Well, it finally arrived on Tuesday night! Ever since I saw a promotional photo in January I have been waiting to purchase this beautiful color from MAC. This nail polish is from the MAC's limited edition Liberty of London collection.

Here is the cute packaging!
The color I purchased is Blue India. It's a very nice blue/slate creme. I have no similar colors to this in my nail polish stash. And from other people's comparisons I really do not think there is a dupe to Blue India. The application is okay. A little more gooey then I would like and the brush can get pretty sticky very fast. It's worth it in the end because the color is gorgeous.

It covered nicely in two coats.

I wanted to change up the top coat a bit. So first up is one coat of CND Copper Shimmer that I placed over Blue India.

For a different style I did two coats of Gold Wash from Maybelline's Colorama Collection.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Timers

These are two old nail polishes I have collected in the past few years. The first is from Boots which I bought from Target in the summer of 2008. On the bottle it says Stay Perfect and the color is Temptress. It's a very dark cherry red; it reminds me of Door County Cherries.

Then to spice it up a bit for the next day I added a coat of CND Copper Shimmer. It adds a really nice copper/gold shimmer to the shade and I really like it.

The last picture I have is of a fairly old Maybelline Express Finish in Matte Stone. I just bought it at the Dollar Store. The color was nice and I like the matte finish but it was terribly streaky and would never be worth more than the $1.05 I payed for it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

OPI - At Your Quebec & Call

I've been lemming this color for quite some time. While red is my all time favorite color my favorite nail polish color is anything green! So this mossy gold green caught my eye and I finally found it and bought it.

Here is is with three coats.

The next day to change up my maicure a bit I added one coat of China Glaze Matte Magic

I might be one of the few who really hates OPI's pro-wide brush. I really prefer the old skinnier brushes like below. I find it much easier to apply.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OPI - Done Out In Deco

This is what I had on my nails yesterday and today. Done Out in Deco from OPI's South Beach Collection. I've wanted this pretty lavender color since it was released in Spring 2009 but it took till this past week before I finally purchased it. It had really nice coverage and it was just looked beautiful on my nails.

Check it out!