Friday, October 24, 2014

Essie - Mojito Madness

Yesterday, I painted my nails with Essie Mojito Madness. This polish is from a collection that came out in Summer 2012. I just picked it up this past summer.

Mojito Madness is a yellow tone grassy green color. Very beautiful! I love this shade of green. The formula was a little runny, but I had no problem with coverage. This was two coats. 

Because the polish was Mojito Madness. I obviously had to make a Mojito and I watched some episodes of Mad Men.  ;) 

I love Joan's red dress in this Christmas episode from season 4. 

Today, I even importantly visited a very Mad Men-esque home. 

Finally, today I added on some nail art to my nails. Creating a little Halloween look. 

Have a great weekend! Tschüss!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nails Inc - Devonshire Row

Today my manicure color was a deep lilac orchid color called Devonshire road from Nails Inc. My bottle is a mini. It came in a set with two other miniature lacquers and three matching lip products. Really cute set for summer!

The polish covers the nail very nicely and I used two coats for maximum coverage. 

And my parting gift for you to see. A grumpy Mauer. 


Monday, October 20, 2014

Something Different Sunday - Parnell Tower

This year I moved back to Wisconsin. Because that's the perfect place to be when life throws you a curve ball. I know Wisconsin, I love Wisconsin, and that's what makes Wisconsin great.

So Sunday I headed out to a Wisconsin State park. Beginning of Summer I bought a State Park sticker for $25 with the intention of using it as much as possible. Which I have! I drove 30 minutes to Kettle Moraine State Park in Mitchell, WI. Specifically, I went to the Parnell Tower Part. 

I should give y'all a science lesson now. Haha. Moraines are the leftover debris, soil and rock, from glaciers. Two glaciers slammed into each other and left some rocky hills with low valleys that have kettles. Kettles are shallow lakes. Don't quote me on that I didn't go to school for this stuff and this was taught to me in 4th grade. That's was ages ago. ;)

The main reason I came was to climb the 60 feet Parnell Tower. Allowing me panorama views of the area.

I've been here a few times since I'm local to the area. It's a pretty easy climb for those who might visit. It's not extremely easy, but definitely not impossible. But the top of the tower could scare you if you are afraid of heights. It's extremely windy at the top and the structure does sway. But I'm a gutsy girl and don't have a problem with any of that! 

I like to visit Parnell in the fall. Because it's awesome to check out the change of leaves. The other reason I like to visit is that the views are fantastic. 

The motivation to go this Sunday was because for the last week I was in a huge funk. A pity party for one if I'm truthful. So I decided, I could stay in like most of the week or motivate myself to get out. So I made the plans and went and it did it. :)

Here is my selfie at the top. Haha!

Until next time! Tschüss!

Let's Try This Again

Here is my new attempt at blogging again. I did enjoy it at one point. It was extremely helpful with my homesickness when I was living in Switzerland. Now I find myself living back in my hometown. I have a bit of wanderlust. I'm also extremely lonely and making huge transitions.

I will probably keep up to date things here. Pictures of my nails and makeup. Share the shenanigans of my cat Mauer. To actually tell you who Mauer is because I never really blogged when I got him. I'll probably do some flashback traveling posts since I'm most definitely stuck in a small town now. I'll share adventures I have too. Because I do have them, they just are as crazy as they used to be.