Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ManGlaze - F Off & Dye

I have been debating if I would actually type it out or just leave it as F. For now I will just call this F Off & Dye you can use your imagine if you like figure it out... They also sell this same polish and call it Blue!

F Off & Dye is another ManGlaze polish that I got in my recent order. It's a matte pink with a light amount of silver shimmer. It applied really nicely in two coats. Wear was pretty good for a matte. It was looking good this evening and I had no chips.

Here are some pictures of the bottle label.

Debroah Milano - Rainbow Blazer

Today I have something totally neat to show you! I went to Manor (Swiss Department Store) a week ago just to browse around the store. Of course I checked out the cosmetics section, but there wasn't anything new that I could notice. But before I left I made sure to check out the counter of the checkout because sometimes they out the stuff there. And I found this...

Didn't know anything about the brand, but I picked up one polish called Rainbow Blazer. I googled the brand and found the website. They have other nail polish products b,ut the ones on display here are a new 40 color limited edition. They retail for $5.90 CHF which is just over $6 USD.

Isn't that an amazing duochrome! Purple, a bruise color, blue, and green! Every which way I moved my nails, they changed!

I was really impressed with the application. This was a bit sheer as I expected, but it applied really nicely. I used three coats. I also liked the brushed. Sometime when you have small bottles the brush isn't that great, but this one was nice and stiff but still flexible.

I just love the icy blue look it gives off above. Below are some of the pictures that show off the green side.

What do you think? I'm going back to the store tomorrow and then I'll check a few more colors out. I really liked this one and I wouldn't mind another one.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Something Different Sunday: Zurich Trash & Recycling Plant

It's been a few weeks since I've done one of these. I guess I finally have something interesting to show that I've done here in Switzerland.

Yesterday the Zurich Trash & Recycling plant had an open house. Since the plant is literally across a river and a street from us I thought it would be very interesting to check out.

They had a bunch of the equipment out. Which I thought was really neat for the kids visiting to see up close.

They had a whole section on what items get recycled and where they should go. This is something I had to get used to when living here. Everything has a specific place to go and a certain date, it gets picked up on. Most of the time I feel like I'm hoarding "garbage" items in my apartment.

To get rid of glass/aluminum I need to drag it down the street and take a right and drag it even further down the street. Where I will sort it out by white, green, or brown glass into little barrels. FYI, you have to be careful of when you bring it to these stations because they have certain times. Such as you can't do it after 6pm, absolutely no coming during lunch hour, and don't even dare try doing it on a Sunday or the old Swiss grandma/grandpa will come over and shun you. Plastic bottles are dropped off when you go grocery shopping. In our case we always forget and we have a large amount of bottles just sitting in a closet. Cardboard is collected every other month about it seems you have to flatten them down and tie them and then set them outside by the garbage can to be collected. Same goes for paper. 

All non-recyclable items have to go in a special garbage bag. They call them Zuri sacks and you have to purchase them at the checkout counters or the post office. They cost 20 Swiss Francs for 10 bags that hold 35 liters. If you don't put stuff in the correct bag.... They will try to catch you. I kid you not the city employs people to open up these bags and look for evidence.

This is where they burn them. From my understanding of the picture diagrams that they turn the burned garbage into heating oil. Could be totally wrong with that.

After going through most of the plant I really had an eye opener of how much waste we produce. Even though I find it really annoying that a lot of items take up space in our apartment waiting for the correct time to be recycled. I don't mind since I at least know that it will be properly disposed at some point.

Now on to my favorite part of this open house! It was going up an elevator to the top of this thing!

See that little red/blue capsule? I got into that and went to the top. :)
Here I am at the top!

And now remember how I mentioned that this plant is right near where I live? Well, now I'll show off a bit of my neighborhood.

Road, river, and then apartment! I can see our bedroom window from here. The building above the brown field is part of a school along with the funky shaped white building to the right of the other school buildings. There are lots of ducks along the river. Including the ones who quack all through the night, which I hear from our bedroom window.

Now on the days I want to go into the city or to the local place area for shopping I hop on the tram. I don't have to walk too far to reach it. Just down the street from my apartment and a quick left turn I've reached the tram station.

11 minutes to our shopping center and 27 minutes to reach the Zurich city center.
This is the first section of the route the first stop is at the Swiss TV station.

But there is a little secret hidden in that picture. By the tram tracks is a little field where the cows are grazing. They have come back now to pasture for the summer. The Swiss will keep animals everywhere it seems. On my tram journey to the city I will pass cows, sheep, chickens, and horses all being kept in urban areas.

From the past aerial shot I showed if you look up you might be able to see Zurich's airport. Here's a bit of a close up. We live really close by it takes 12 minutes on the tram to reach. Very convenient for us to go on vacation and for me to visit family. And maybe for somebody to visit me.

This picture is a shot that points towards where the city center is. You can't really see much since it's cloudy.

There you have it... My really random Sunday post.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Damaged Nails

My nails gave up and died this past week. To the point where I just cut the sole survivors down before they met the fate of the others. Basically, I'm dealing with severe peeling and thin nails. The thin nails are causing rips. My first finger on the right hand had the worst rip.

Here is my left hand. Not looking too bad. I just cut them pretty short. There is a bit of peeling on my first finger and all five nails are thin.

Since I'm right handed I'm not surprised at all by how much worse it is compared to the left. Lots of peeling and very thin nails.

This happens to my nails, maybe 2-3 times a year. For me, I think it has to do with the seasons changing and extreme weather changes. My last big issue like this happened mid-January when I went home to Wisconsin for a month. The first week there was just terrible to my nails. There was also a drastic change in the weather.  Went from 30-50 F in Zurich to -5-20 F in Wisconsin. I had the same problem happen last May when the season moved towards summer.

This is going to be the product I will be using for the next week under my nail polish or alone. There really isn't much to choose from in Switzerland in terms of nail treatments so I went with Essence Ultra Strong Nail Repair. I'll let you know if it makes a drastic difference or not.

Monday, May 9, 2011

ManGlaze - Royal Matterimoaning

I got my Man Glaze order today! Which gave me a pick me up after dealing with the wonderful world of trying to check out groceries by myself. Needless to say I was bullied by the checkout person

Sorry I only have a crappy iPhone pic of my order. You might notice the notebooks and stuff too! I finally started  my intensive German classes today! 5 days a week for two hours for a total of a month. After that I'm not sure if I'll continue for another month or learn on my own. It's really expensive, sadly to take classes.

After dinner and working on my homework, I was finally able to put Royal Matterimoaning. It's a matte blue with a bit of shimmer hidden in it. This was released the day of the Royal Wedding. I find the name hilarious! From my understanding the name might be changed in the future, but the polish color will most likely stay.

It's a beautiful royal blue. It was easy to apply compared to the Zoya Mattes and so far I think the wear is much better. But I'll find out after I wear it more tomorrow. I used a base coat of Orly Bonder and then two coats of polish.

I'm really digging this color, especially when it's close up and you can see the bits of matte shimmer. The bottle wrapper is awesome too. I have some pictures below so you can see the whole label.

I had really great customer service from ManGlaze! I had to email them with lots of questions regarding my order because I use US debit/PayPal, which didn't leave me an option to ship internationally. They helped me sort it out really quickly. The shipping charge overseas is equal to what the actual cost is to them at $13.95. Which is reasonable if you're ordering a few polishes like I did.

Hope you enjoyed the post! It's late and I better get to bed quick. Day two of language school tomorrow. eek!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Essence - Sun Club Bondi Beach Collection Part 2

I'm back with the second part of the Essence Sun Club Bondi Beach Collection. This time I will be showing off the two blue shades of the collection. You can see part 1 here.

Splash Refresh is the light teal of the collection. I love this shade so much. It applied really nicely in two coats. It's one of the best polishes I have applied lately.

This was taken out of the sun and the color is a bit off.

Chasing Waves is a light turquoise shade. A really, really pretty color. Usually these types of colors are difficult to apply and require more than two coats. Chasing Waves took two coats and applied like butter.

What do you think of the rest of the collection? I'm really glad I got all five shades.