Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 8: Nail Polish Advent Calendar

Day 8 brings a snowy color. Of course we have no snow in Chicago and ironically today it rained off and on

It's ManGlaze Mayonnaise! It's matte but I unfortunately put top coat on it because I was in a hurry. This is much prettier matte. I used three coats.

I went downtown today with my mom. We stopped at the Chicago Christkindlmarket first. I love going, but it is so crowded on the weekends that it's hard to see everything. Plus with the rain we had to move on to the cover of Macy's. I'll go again next week sometime on a weeknight.

Overall the Christmas Market is really nice. Pretty similar to the ones in Germany. Most of the items you find in Germany you can get here. It's just a lot pricier. Lots of great food and they even have the chocolate covered fruit. Yum!

I love the intricate Schwibboge. This one retails for $269 but it's so beautiful! 

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