Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Artdeco - 246

Today I wore a duochrome nail polish. The polish is from a German brand called Artdeco. It's was sent to me from my best German friend, Tini. We've been sending packages back and forth to each other for two years now! She supplies me with all my favorites from German cosmetics companies. And when I can I send her awesome American beauty products that she can't find. We also chat with each other online and lean on each other for support. Tini is the best. :)

I used three coats to reach opacity. The color of the polish shifts from a light blue to purple to dark blue purple depending on the way you move your hand. 

It's a gorgeous polish. One of my favorite bottle shapes too. :) Thanks again Tini for the great nail polish pick! Tschüss! 

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