Wednesday, February 24, 2010

L'Oréal Paris - Grenat Précieux

Woot! My first blog post about nail polish. I've been taking pictures of my nails for the last month and putting them up on flickr because it's just easier. But I want to explore the uses of the internet more and I've decided to also blog along with the photo taking I'm doing on Flickr.

So for the readers that will probably only be me for a long while.... so....

L'Oréal Paris - Grenat Précieux

It's kind of a dark purple with a red tone with pretty small sized glitter. I bought it while I was in Switzerland. It's actually from their French line at least that is the website I found it on while looking for the color.

I used three coats. I found the formula really gooey. I spent a lot more money on this than I usually do for polish. I think I payed about $14.

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