Thursday, February 25, 2010

OPI - Absolutely Alice

I've had this polish for like two weeks but I've been avoiding it a bit because I hate removing glitter polish. But it's such a pretty blue color that eventually I gave in.

So here is OPI's Absolutely Alice...

I used three coats and needed to use two coats of top coat so that the grit would go away a bit. It's a really pretty blue glitter with a surprise of gold glitter mixed in with it. I have a close up too which you can see the gold a bit better.

I had to redo two nails because my pinky completely peeled off in one piece and my thumb peeled halfway. It's the Orly Bonder which works perfectly with all my other polishes but fails to be compatible with Absolutely Alice.

If you take a acetone soaked cotton ball and just hold it to your nail for a few minutes the polish will just dissolve off with out having t work to hard at it.

Edit: CND Sticky is a not a good option for this polish as a base coat either.

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