Thursday, April 12, 2012

Layla - Ultra Violet

Hello again! Today I have a polish that I picked up over the weekend from Ulta.

It's from the Layla Hologram Effects line. The display was behind the counter and I wasn't really able to explore the colors too much. Plus, I was really only able to afford one anyways. They retail for $15 but I was lucky to be able to use my 20% off promo they were going on.

There are 8 different colors and I picked out the purple one, Ultra Violet. I have a little display card that the sales lady gave to me that explains how to apply it. I've added that picture below. The blue color Ocean Rush is nowhere near as dark as the promo in this flyer unfortunately. They have a base file for about $3. I passed on it since it's basically just a buffer block.

I didn't use a buffer block before applying this since I was out of town. I just placed three coats on my bare nails without a base coat. Then I let it dry and never put top coat on it. Sadly, I had a major break on my one finger at the beginning of the weekend. So my nails look crappy

In the sun you can see it's got a spectacular holo rainbow effect.

For the easy availability in the US of this holographic nail polish it is probably in my opinion the best out there. The bottle contains 10 ML of polish. Which isn't too terrible when you consider some of the better linear holographic polishes are only about 5 ML. Application was really easy and I liked the brush.

Not in direct sunlight at all.

Here it is partially in the sun. The one issue of no base and top coat was that the tip wear was a monster of a problem. So be warned about that. I'm planning to go back to the Walgreen on State Street to get the GOSH Aqua Fix base coat that is supposed to be really helpful for Holo polishes.

So what do you think? Will you be heading over to your local Ulta to pick some of these up? Do you already have some? I will maybe eventually go back for the black and silver one. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality and I don't mind paying $15 for that.

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