Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something Different Sunday: Bern, Switzerland

Thursday I was in Bern. I took a little bit of time to look at the city again. So I would like to share some photos with you!

I stopped by a bakery for some breakfast. They had these cute little turtle breads. It was good, but I wish we had some butter with it.

This fountain was at the park across from the US embassy.

Then I headed towards the Bern's main train station. I was on the hunt for a Migros (grocery store) because they have my favorite fruit smoothies there. Found the Migros but it hadn't been updated in at least 20 years and sadly didn't have the flavor smoothie I wanted.

Continued walking to look for another Migros because it's like there is one every other street corner. haha. I ended up in another park with these yellow stands all over the place. This park was tiny and it had at least 10 of these out. It's pretty pathetic that you have to resort to placing signs up because smokers don't know where to properly put their cigarette butts. It did work the park was really clean. I wish this was the case for the rest of Switzerland. It's sad when you claim to be a beautiful, pristine country and then flick your cigarette butts onto the streets and grass. Sorry if you are Swiss or a smoker, but it grinds my gears to be exposed to second hand smoke here.

Another monument I found. It's for the Universal Postal Union that is based in Bern.

It's like the chess pieces had a war over the night. :p

Here is Switzerland's Capital building.

The river Aar wraps around the city.

Found this kitty while I was walking around. It was so friendly and I made sure to give lots of pets and ear scratches.

Alright, so Bern's symbol is the bear. Therefore, they have had bears on display for years and years. Recently, they gave them a new enclosure.

He was sleepy.
This is what the bear pit used to be like. Not nice at all. But now it houses wild rabbits. Have no idea how or why they got in there. I can't find any info. I'm guessing they are bear food? Even though the European rabbit is a common animal I have only seen them twice. Once here at the pit and the second time was under the Berlin Fernsehturm.

I love this shot.


Cute chocolate owls.

Here is my NOTD for today.

Thanks for the peek. :)

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