Monday, August 23, 2010

French Manicure

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I had a really nice weekend. On Saturday, I took a spontaneous trip to the Black Forest to go swimming. I had fun swimming and then continued the spontaneity by just driving around. Ending up at a neat waterfall and an awesome dome cathedral.

Where I went swimming.
Waterfall I visited.

  Beautiful Landscape
St. Blaise's Cathedral
St. Blaise's Cathedral
Now to the polish.....

Over the weekend I had a french manicure on. I used two coats of Maybelline - Colorama Diamond Love and then did my tips with a white creme from the H&M mini collection for this summer. I didn't feel comfortable doing my tips free hand. So I used sticker stencils from essence where you place them and then paint on the white tip. It worked okay, but on a few nails you can see that in smudged a bit.

I'm going to free hand next time. I did a few practice free hands and I can say it's much easier when you are using a bottle of white polish that is mini. The brush isn't as long, so you have more control.

Two Coats of Diamond Love

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