Saturday, August 7, 2010

Try Orange!

I think orange is one of those colors that is overlooked. I know I overlook it a lot. I can't remember the last time I wore orange polish for a long period of time. The weather here has been hit and miss. Lots of rain and little sunshine. So yesterday when I was choosing a weekend nail I went for something bright! OPI Bright Power a tangy bright Orange from the Brights Collection 2008.

I used four coats, but it looked good at three too.

And because I wanted a bit more pizazz I added two coats of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure.

I love the effect of the Hidden Treasure over orange since the flakes are an orange/gold. It's even more gorgeous in person.


  1. mmmmmmmm I love orange, but just as you mentioned - it took magic maid to send me one before I actually had one in my collection, the shame!

    That looks gorgrous layered though.

  2. Thanks! I was testing this color and Ogre-the-Top Blue with Hidden Treasure. Thought for sure I was going to not pick the orange. But once I slapped Hidden Treasure over it I had to do a full mani.

  3. By itself, meh. With Hidden Treasure? HOLY CR@P!

    Beautiful....just beautiful.

  4. I agree by itself it's like most orange's out there but once you add Hidden Treasure it just sparkles.