Monday, April 11, 2011

Essence - I Like and Forget-Me-Not

I have two new polishes to show you from the limited edition collection from essence called Blossoms ect... There are 5 different pastel spring colors all of them look gorgeous.

I Like is a light turquoise green-blue polish. It's a very pretty polish with a bit of turquoise shimmer too. It's not very noticeable in the pictures, but it's there. This polish applied in two coats very smoothly. I had no problems with it being patchy which is common in lighter color polishes.

Here's a shot in the shade. It looks a lot more blue in the shade.

Forget-Me-Not is a cornflower blue shade with ice blue shimmer. Applied wonderful again like the first polish in two coats. The first two pictures are full sun.

Here's a shot of Forget-Me-Not in the shade too.

Overall, I'm a big fan of this collection so far. I have the yellow from this collection too, that I'll wear soon. I'm also going to look for the other two polishes sometime this week. Bravo Essence for putting out a nice spring pastel collection.

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