Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects - Kitty Kitty

While I was taking an unexpected week long blogging break, I happened to take a break from polishing my nails too. Of course I didn't keep my nails bare. I put on one of the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects that I picked up while I was on vacation in the US.

I used the leopard print one called Kitty Kitty. Overall, they were pretty easy to put on. They applied just like Incoco strips that I have used in the past. The one problem I had with this was that there wasn't much difference in the sizing. I had to modify a few of them to get them to fit correctly, especially on my little fingers.

Above is one of the ones I needed to modify. The best way I found was to just gently puncture around the edges with my thumbs and in some cases with the cuticle pusher. Then I used a really pointed pair of tweezers to pull it off my skin.

Here is the finish product after about 30 minute application time. A bit rough around the edges, but not too shabby.

Day 5

Let's skip ahead to day 5 now. They are not looking to bad at this point. A bit of tip wear which I know in my case is from poor application. I had a hard time getting a clean cut and file of the sticker when applying it. So some bits of it ripped off after wearing them for a few days. I also had some cracking you will notice.

In these pictures you can really see the tip wear and the noticeable cracking. Ignore the one green finger that was an oops from dyeing Easter eggs.

Day 8
At this point there are a lot of growth and gap. But the tip wear is about the same as it was on day 5.

Day 9
This was the last day I wore them. At this point the gap was too much to handle any longer and my one thumb was pretty torn up. But for 9 days where they don't look too terrible.

Overall Thoughts
I enjoyed them. I'm not that great at nail art and I know that there are other people who have problems with nail art too. This makes a great alternative. They are a bit expensive for a product that you can only use once.

One of the great things about choosing the leopard print ones are that they have a base color close to neutral, so when you have tip wear or small chips it was harder to notice.

Anyone else tried these yet or something similar from a different brand? I have a bunch of Incoco ones to try out and I also have two packs of the Essence version.

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