Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Essence - Sun Club Bondi Beach Collection Part 1

This is the newest trend collection on display by Essence. I grabbed all five of the nail polishes from the display. Find part 2 here.

L-R: Golden Sands, Orange Sunset, Chasing Waves, Pink Heart, Splash Refresh

So far I've worn three of them that I would like to show you today. I'll follow up during the weekend with the two blues after I've worn them.

First up is the more unique finish of the five. Golden Sands is a golden bronze shimmer with little flecks of gold flaked glitter.It took three coats to get totally opaque. Application was pretty easy considering I did my nails in really dim light.

Orange Sunset is the bright orange. A pretty awesome pigmented orange polish too. I used two coats but one could be possible if your careful. It looked great on my nails and really cute on my toes now too.

Direct Sun
Pink Heart is the bright and playful pink. Applied so smoothly in two coats and like Orange Sunset could of easily been one coat but I needed to fix up the unevenness by the cuticles and used two coats. Out of the collection this was the one that didn't wow me that much. But it's so shiny and bright that I'm really enjoying it.

Direct Sun
These retailed for $2.95 CHF which is about $3.40 USD. The bottle size is 11 mL so a great price for a lot of polish and great application.

What do you think so far?

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