Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Debroah Milano - Rainbow Blazer

Today I have something totally neat to show you! I went to Manor (Swiss Department Store) a week ago just to browse around the store. Of course I checked out the cosmetics section, but there wasn't anything new that I could notice. But before I left I made sure to check out the counter of the checkout because sometimes they out the stuff there. And I found this...

Didn't know anything about the brand, but I picked up one polish called Rainbow Blazer. I googled the brand and found the website. They have other nail polish products b,ut the ones on display here are a new 40 color limited edition. They retail for $5.90 CHF which is just over $6 USD.

Isn't that an amazing duochrome! Purple, a bruise color, blue, and green! Every which way I moved my nails, they changed!

I was really impressed with the application. This was a bit sheer as I expected, but it applied really nicely. I used three coats. I also liked the brushed. Sometime when you have small bottles the brush isn't that great, but this one was nice and stiff but still flexible.

I just love the icy blue look it gives off above. Below are some of the pictures that show off the green side.

What do you think? I'm going back to the store tomorrow and then I'll check a few more colors out. I really liked this one and I wouldn't mind another one.