Monday, May 9, 2011

ManGlaze - Royal Matterimoaning

I got my Man Glaze order today! Which gave me a pick me up after dealing with the wonderful world of trying to check out groceries by myself. Needless to say I was bullied by the checkout person

Sorry I only have a crappy iPhone pic of my order. You might notice the notebooks and stuff too! I finally started  my intensive German classes today! 5 days a week for two hours for a total of a month. After that I'm not sure if I'll continue for another month or learn on my own. It's really expensive, sadly to take classes.

After dinner and working on my homework, I was finally able to put Royal Matterimoaning. It's a matte blue with a bit of shimmer hidden in it. This was released the day of the Royal Wedding. I find the name hilarious! From my understanding the name might be changed in the future, but the polish color will most likely stay.

It's a beautiful royal blue. It was easy to apply compared to the Zoya Mattes and so far I think the wear is much better. But I'll find out after I wear it more tomorrow. I used a base coat of Orly Bonder and then two coats of polish.

I'm really digging this color, especially when it's close up and you can see the bits of matte shimmer. The bottle wrapper is awesome too. I have some pictures below so you can see the whole label.

I had really great customer service from ManGlaze! I had to email them with lots of questions regarding my order because I use US debit/PayPal, which didn't leave me an option to ship internationally. They helped me sort it out really quickly. The shipping charge overseas is equal to what the actual cost is to them at $13.95. Which is reasonable if you're ordering a few polishes like I did.

Hope you enjoyed the post! It's late and I better get to bed quick. Day two of language school tomorrow. eek!