Sunday, August 28, 2011

Something Different Sunday: Furka Pass/Rhone Glacier, Switzerland

At the beginning of the month when my mom was visiting, we decided to rent a car for the day and do some sightseeing. One of our two stops of the day was to drive up the Furka Pass to check out the Rhone Glacier.

The Furka Pass goes through the Alps and the highest point is 7,992 ft! So you can imagine that it was a very winding drive up to the top. It was very scenic though! A little fact for you... They filmed parts of James Bond Goldfinger here.

Here's a photo of our drive up the valley.

Hardcore bicyclists were biking up to the top of the pass too! It was interesting to see them and I give them tons of credit for biking this!

Of course, no trip to the Swiss countryside can be complete without a cow picture. :) Close your eyes and you can hear their bells ringing too.

Here I am once we reached the top. The view was fantastic!

Look groundhogs! I was so surprised to see them. I've had a hard time finding wildlife, while living in Switzerland. Odd, I know, but I guess I'm oblivious to it.

Here is the Rhone Glacier. Even though it looks pretty massive it used to be a lot bigger. :(

Some other photos.

Thanks for taking a look. Now I'm off to catch up on comment replying. Hopefully my cold will be mostly gone on Monday so I can resume posting. :)

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