Sunday, August 14, 2011

Something Different Sunday: Mount Titlis

My time in Switzerland is starting to come to a close. I will arrive back in Wisconsin on the 27th of September. So I only have a few more opportunities to show you little pieces of my life in Switzerland.

During the first week of August my mom was visiting in Switzerland. It was great to see her and we had a lot of fun. One of the main things I wanted to do with her was taking her to the top of one of the mountains. Just happened to get lucky and got discount codes for the gondola ride up Mount Titlis. We took the train for 45 minutes to Luzern and then switched trains to Engelberg which took another 45 minutes.

Once we got to Engelberg we headed to the cable car station to make our way to Mount Titlis. It involved taking three different cable cars for us to get to the top.

This was the second cable car we took.

At the top you are 10,000 feet up (3020M). The views are just amazing! Let's ignore how squinty my eyes are in all the pictures you will see today. It was so sunny and I managed to get a bit sunburned on my face too.

A lot of the times the views were just so unreal! Some of my pictures looked as if they were paintings. So breathtaking. :)
The last cable car you take. It has a floor that rotates inside so you can see the whole panorama.
Once you are at the top of Mount Titlis you can take another small cable car called the Ice Flyer. They fly you over some of the ice and then at the bottom you can go tubing! Of course I took advantage of this! I can't believe I went sledding in August.

Here are some more shots. Hope you enjoying peaking into my day trip in Switzerland. I hope that I'll get some more polish posts in later this week.

NOTD was Zoya Julieanne with a coat of Barry M white crackle.
First set of cable cars you take.
You can see this lake in the pictures above too.
Cows grazing.
I know this was picture heavy but I wanted to share! I have a few more here on this Flickr album.

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