Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Mani

I actually put this on last night and so far so good it's sticking to my nails. I used the Cult Nails Base/Top Coat which had been giving me problems in the past with peeling but lately it's been working great!

So Cult Nails released a new collection this month called Let's Get Nekkid! Unfortunately, this is not the time for me to be buying new nail polish. Huge sad face. :( I especially have my eye on Toxic Seaweed which has flakes in it. So while I was whining about not being able to buy Toxic Seaweed I realized I do still have another flake from Cult Nails.

It's Iconic, a really pretty deep berry with golden shimmer and red flakes. A classic from their inaugural collection back in February 2011.

I should of warned that my nails are pretty short at the moment. I usually have really bad peeling problems in winter. So I have been needing to keep them cut back short. The only blessing I have is long nail beds!

In this photo there is a bit of a surprise color appearance in the bottle! The red flakes shift to a lime green too.

Here is a time when my nails were much longer. I wore this in March of last year. Took it while waiting at an intersection near my apartment in Zurich. I was on my way to the Geneva Car Show. Which btw is overrated and crowded.

And here I am at Lake Geneva...

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