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Thursday, June 3, 2010

American Apparel Nail Polish

Last fall American Apparel began selling nail polish. There isn't a store that is near me and when I do go out of town for shopping the store is way out of my way. The clothes and accessories do not fit my style but the polishes have been catching my eyes for quite some time. So last week I ended up ordering online 9 polishes... Malibu Green, Dynasty, Factory Grey, Poppy, Peacock, Hunter, Mount Royal, Passport Blue, and Berries. If your planning on making a purchase sign up for their email because in the end I received 15% off which was more then enough to pay the shipping costs. So far I have worn three but I was only able to get a shot of two.

First is Factory Grey which is a relatively light grey. It covers really nicely in two coats.

Today I wore Malibu Green which is a really pretty bright turquoise.

The formula so far is great but what kills the application is the long stem brush. It is just way to long which causes the polish to collect at the bristles. i find it to be a pain and I was ready to pull out an old OPI brush I had.


  1. great swatches, your nails are so perfectly even! :) Love aa polishes as well.. following ya now! :)

  2. I agree with you, the damn brushes are so long, it is difficult to apply it to the nails. But the colours are amazing and fairly priced at $6,00.

  3. Awesome, it looks so good on ur nails...

  4. lovely nail polish the factory grey is not nice but lurvve all the other colours! x

  5. Did you know that your bottom picture is on American Apparel's website?! I noticed it when checking out their new colours.



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  7. i want these so bad! found you through the american apparel website. your nails are very well cared for!

  8. I like the nail polish.Simple but attractive!