Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CND Polish

I never knew about this brand until after they redid their polish line. Today they have a collection that they call Colour & Effects. The Colour line are all various shades of cremes and the Effects line is various shades of sparkles and shimmers. It allows you to play mix and match with different colors and effects. I really enjoy the different effects and I have used them to change up other nail polish brands I use. I won two polishes from CND back in January I received the Colour & Effects combination of Indian Rhubarb and Copper Shimmer. Then recently I purchased Muddy Rose and Raspberry Sparkle.

First I will show you CND Indian Rhubarb. This is two coats.

Here it is with one coat of CND Copper Shimmer placed over it. I think it looks beautiful. The effect really changes the look of the polish. It's really nice to add a day after a manicure to change things up.
I also later on put a matte top coat over it.

Here is the second colour I have. This is CND Muddy Rose it's a really nice shade of mauve and this is opaque in two coats.

Here it is with one coat of Raspberry Sparkle on top.

The color went from a dusty pink mauve to a very vibrant and sparkly pink. I just love the change on this one! Overall my favorite thing about the CND polish line are the effects. I find them very useful to extend my colour an extra day as it can dramatically change the style of your manicure. The bottles are the easiest to hold out of all my polishes. The rubber cap is superb along with the brush style. CND has a new salon service called Shellac that gives you a no chip/dent manicure for two weeks that I am hoping to try in the near future!

A side note: I used CND Sticky and CND Speedy for my base and top coat and they caused horrible chipping and peeling problems. Other people rave about CND Sticky but I guess my nails disagree.

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