Monday, June 14, 2010

OPI Shrek Collection (Blues and Purples)

Tonight, I would like to show you four of six colors from the OPI Shrek Collection that recently came out. I have the whole set but so far I have only worn the blues and purples and not the greens. I love the whole six color set of cremes so I pan to wear the greens very soon.

First, I will show you the blues. This is Ogre-the-Top Blue it is a very vibrant and bright blue shade. This is my favorite out of the collection and I think this one will earn a place in my suitcase for my long trip. The application on this one was magical and perfect and it only needed two coats.

What’s With the Cattitude? is a vibrant baby blue. This took three coats to become opaque for me and to get rid of brush strokes. I think some of the brush's for the lighter colors were below usual OPI standards and they caused me a lot of problems when trying to get a even coat.

Rumple’s Wiggin is a beautiful lavender color with a little bit of blue hint to it. It is a nice color for spring but for summer I am not a big fan. Like with the last light color it was a pain to apply do to the brush.

Funky Dunkey is my second favorite color of this collection I just love this shade of purple. It's just so vibrant! I only needed two coats and the application was great.

And because I cannot stop raving about the Effects line from CND I add a little bit of Sparkle to Funky Dunkey. So here is one coat of CND Raspberry Sparkle. It reminds me of a gumdrop.


  1. i'm yet to own any opi nail polish- shocking i know, but i absolutely love the ogre the top blue, funkey dunkey and the done out in deco(from your other post) polishes, and they may be my first purchases - so thanks! :)

  2. @Nisha Thanks! Take the plunge and buy a few OPI's the quality is great.