Monday, July 19, 2010

Alessandro - Green Green Baby & Catrice - Pebble Beach

I showed bottle pictures of these two last week. Today I have swatches of both of them. I am going to show my favorite one first!

This is called Green Green Baby and is from alessandro. It's a company from Germany that started in 1989. I think this is from a summer collection, but I'm not positive. It took me three coats and the color is just beautiful. Look at the wonderful orange-red that flashes out from the lime green.

The second one is from Catrice. It is from a limited edition collection called Oceana. I found it in the clearance bin. It's called Pebble Beach and it's a matte light grey that has a light blue tone to it. Took three coats to cover up streaks. It's not the best formula, but the color is rocking.

Stay tuned the rest of the week. I have bought some new Catrice polishes that I will show off this week.


  1. Hi there :)
    That Alessandro is to die for <3 I've never tried any of their polishes but got a handcream that's fabulous during my vacay. It's a LE called "cream rich". Full price was steep a +8eur but I got mine for half price so it's not too bad. If you ever come across it, give it a try, it's really great!

  2. The polish is pricey too. The bigger bottles of polish are 12eur and for the little one I paid 5eur. It's pretty and worth it though. I'll have to check out the hand creme. I really need a new one. Thanks for the tip.