Monday, July 5, 2010

CND Shellac Day Seven

It has been one week since I had my nails done with CND Shellac. I am very pleased with the results. My favorite part is that I've had absolutely no dents! The color is also just as bright and shiny as the day it was applied. I've had a few chips but they are usually hardly noticeable. And to be fair the chips were from where my nail that peeled and the polish had to peel off with it. The first night I did nick the tip of my nail with my razor so I had to file down that nail a bit.

It's interesting to see the growth of my nails after one week. While I'm going to keep this on the full two weeks I don't know if in the future I am willing to show this much growth between my cuticles and polish.

Here is a picture at seven days...

And for reference again this is Day 2...

I would recommend that anyone who regularly gets manicures and or enjoys wearing nail polish to give this a try at least once. It's totally worth it to get it done as it definitely out lasts normal polish. I think others had better results in the long term then I did but I'm totally itching to get this done again in the future.


  1. A friend of mine also recommended professional manicure to me recently. There's quite a big market, so the prices are low ... and I'm getting curious. ^_^
    (But fake nails are a definite no-no for me.)

  2. i had a client see exactally just how long her shellac nail polish would last as an experiment and was amazed ! at day 21 it was still in amazing condition!no chips just grow out! my clients are sold on this product!

  3. I am totally sold on Shellac! I read an article on Yahoo and had to travel out of town to try it out. I had been 14 days, and I got my first chip today. Frankly, I credit that fact that I didn't rip the entire nail, and only got a chip to the Shellac - as I was doing some pretty heavy duty yard/construction type work. My toe nails still look like a fresh pedicure! Now, my goal is to find some place more local that can provide this service!

  4. @The Infatuated
    These are my real nails. The polish was put on to my natural nails just like normal polish. Except that the polish is a different formula and they used UV light to dry it.