Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catrice - Sold Out Forever!

I mentioned yesterday I had more Catrice polishes to show off. Last night I put on Sold Out Forever! and today I took pictures of it. It's a light mint creme with a very slight shimmer to it. From my understanding it is a close possible dupe to Chanel Jade but I do not have it to compare. From the pictures I've looked at they have a really close resemblance. Regardless, it's a very pretty shade and needed three coats. Here in Switzerland Catrice polishes sell for $5.50 CHF which is basically $5.20 USD

The first picture is with flash. Reminds me of the Grasshopper drink my grandma makes during holidays.

This one is in the shade.

I really wanted a picture in the sun to show more shimmer, but I'm sort of locked in the apartment. heh. Yesterday, I went out to the city for the day and when I came home, I couldn't get the door to enter out apartment building to open with my key. I had to call with my cell phone (still has a US SIM card can you say $$$) and ask them what I was doing wrong. I tried a lot of different ways and a lot of times. So they had to leave work and open the door for me. Embarrassing.... I felt so stupid. Before they left for work they tried my key with me and they were also having a hard time too. So I feel better about it. The point is I can't leave the apartment because I won't be able to get in again. lol.


  1. this is way cute!! i always lock myself out of places haha <3

  2. This shade is sooo pretty!!!

    I'm sorry you got locked out!!! Fiance' to the rescue!

  3. It's an awesome color. Shame I'm going to take it off soon for something different. This is the second apartment we had together that I had problems with the locks. I also last summer lost the key to the mailbox. It fell of into the tall grass while I was swinging the chain.