Friday, July 16, 2010

Sally Hansen - Fairy Teal

I picked up Fairy Teal during the first week of June. I was sent to run errands and I made a stop at the Sally Hansen display and chose this one. Yesterday I finally wore it! I really loved the color and I plan to eventually wear it again. It's a very pretty teal and it only needed two coats. I love the brushes for this brand. They are very wide and rounded at the end. Which makes it a lot easier for me to work around my cuticles.

I thought that Hidden Treasure, also from Sally Hansen, would look beautiful on this. So later on in the day I used two coats and the results were jaw dropping.

It was like I had sparkly teal opal's on my fingers. Unfortunately, this manicure was a mess to take off. The teal bled into every inch of my skin as soon as the remover touched it.