Wednesday, November 10, 2010

essence - Steel Me

I've been on the look out for the essence metallic displays. Yesterday I managed to find one that wasn't empty. I bought two polishes Steel Me and Iron Goddess. They have magnetic bits in them that form a patten when a magnet is placed over your nail. I didn't buy the essence magnet I've heard it doesn't work really well and since I already have the magnet from the alessandro polish I figured why spend another $3.50 on something I don't need.
L-R: Steel Me and Iron Goddess
It's a pretty easy process. Place one slightly thick coat on your nail and immediately put the magnet over it for about 10 seconds. Lift the magnet check out the pattern. I'll show the process with pictures when I wear one of the other polishes.

Pretty neat effect right? Right now they are available in European countries that carry essence products. This is a limited collection so buy them before they are gone. If you live in the US it seems that this collection will eventually make it to Ulta.

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