Sunday, November 21, 2010

Something Different Sunday - Liechtenstein

Sorry I've been a bit busy this week and next week isn't looking much better. One of the great things about living in Switzerland is the ability to travel around to different places. That is just what I did on October 30th. I drove one and a half hours to check out Vaduz, Liechtenstein. It's the sixth smallest country in the world. It's not too much different then Switzerland but I really wanted to go just to say I did. :)

Here is the view early into the driving. Still in Switzerland.

I ended up going to the capital Vaduz. It's a small place. The most notable landmarks... First up the art museum. It's kind of brute, isn't it?

Of course we had to check out the castle. Which is still the home to the Prince of Liechtenstein. It probably has the best view.

Of course a trip isn't complete without checking out the awesome architecture of a church.

The government building. Just about every government service was housed in here.

How about a blue & red cow statue.

Don't forget to check out this weird taxidermy animal in the shop window.

Probably the coolest thing about visiting Liechtenstein was finding leaves as big as my face.

I made sure to check out the cows.

Then I decided to drive up the mountain a bit to see where it took me. Aren't the leaves gorgeous!?

On the way back down I stopped to take a look at the valley.

It was a fun little day trip. The weather was great it was really warm out that day. It was really windy but it was blowing warm air. So much sun too! Hope you all enjoyed a peak of Liechtenstein.

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