Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Barry M - Cobalt Blue with Black Crackle Top

Hello everyone! I wanted to show off two Barry M polishes I got in the swap I did. First, I want to show you Cobalt Blue. It's a really lovely creme that applied nicely in two coats. It's a darker cousin of OPI Ogre-the-Top Blue. I'll have to compare the two but from my past swatches Ogre-the-Top Blue seems lighter.

Next up I want to show you the effect polish that Barry M released. It's a black polish that crackles when you place it on top of nail polish. When you applied the crackle top coat you have to do it really fast because the effect really is instant. The black will dry matte after the effect has finished so if you like it glossy you need to put a top coat over it.

My mom also sent me two care packages! I love getting mail and mail from your mother is best if you ask me!

Magazines, hair ties, Tylenol, red licorice, reeses peanut butter cups, Clinique face wash, Clinique face moisture (big bottle and trial size), Clinique High Impact mascara, Orly Sec N Dry, Zoya Color Spoonss, Revlon Lipstick (one on twitter), my favorite toothpaste, a Fiesta plate Christmas ornament, two OPI polishes that I bought in a blog sale in June, a mini wedding album, my favorite hair conditioner and shampoo, felt tip pens, and the ski sock that got caught in my bed when I was packing.

The second package contained an American Eagle hooded sweatshirt for me. It is a cotton fleece blend and is incredibly soft! She also surprised me Cuddle John pajamas. I'm wearing them right now and they are incredibly comfortable. She also sent more magazines.


  1. i love that blue colour. I think ill need to invest in it. And to your comment on my blog last night. That sounds great. I get my travel expensise money in in january so ill let you no then


  2. I really like it! Just email me in January. You can order it and ship it to my house and I'll mail it to you. I can also pick up some stuff from local stores.

  3. I love the crackle polish! Seems the crackle polish is more in European brands. Thankfully, OPI is coming out with one so I can have this effect!

    Oooh, I think those polishes are the ones you got from me!

    Love the Barry M polishes!

  4. I really enjoyed the crackle effect it looked really sleek. I will probably pass on the OPI one since I have this now. But I'm glad crackle is hitting the US market

    Yes the two OPI's were from your blog sale back in June! haha. They finally made it to me.

  5. Oh, how nice to get packages from you mum! I think I have to link to this post to hint to my family overseas ;)

  6. Hint a lot. It's always nice to get goodies from your home. Made me feel a lot better.