Friday, December 10, 2010

Essie - Pink Parka & Bermuda Shorts

Excuse me while I hop on a plane back to America and buy every single Essie neon on the market. I think I'm obsessed with them. It's the middle of December and I don't want to change my polish to any of the holiday ones I have. These two colors just pop perfectly.

First up is Pink Parka a neon pink. Surprisingly, this was released as a Fall collection in 2009. It's a light pink neon and I loved it so much. It took three coats which are very good for a neon. My pictures are pretty close to color accuracy. Somehow I'm very lucky and my camera actually captures neons.

Bermuda Shorts is a neon purple that covers nicely in three coats. It's from the Neon Shorts Collection of Summer 2009. It's insanely beautiful and I've been wearing it for three days straight now.

So... Neons yay or nay? I use to be very nay but there two beauties have pushed me over the edge. I hope to see some more awesome neons this coming summer.

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