Wednesday, December 1, 2010

P2 - Elegant and Rich

The only time I can check out the P2 cosmetics display is if we cross over into Germany. Most of the time I look and then move on. It's not because the polish is bad or they have a bad selection of colors. It's mainly because I have similar colors already and at the moment I have to much polish stashed in Switzerland and I need to remember that it all needs to go back in the suitcase back to the US.

This past weekend, however two colors really caught my eye when I was checking out the display. I don't know how I passed by them. Elegant is a lovely light purple grey with light purple shimmer. The shimmer is only really visible in person. The first coat I though for sure I would never get it opaque, but surprisingly on the third coat it was perfect.

With flash you can just see the purple shimmer.
Rich is a lovely color with a dark purple base with micro glitter in gold, purple, and blue. The polish was really easy to work with and I used two coats. I don't have a really great daylight picture since the weather has been a bit gray in Zurich.

The ones below are with flash.

Have you ever passed on polish and realized later that you need to have it?

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