Monday, June 27, 2011

Essence - Can't Cheat On Me

Hello ladies! It's the last week of June. It's hard for me to believe that, but of course it was 90F+/32C so I guess I should.

Essence Can't Cheat On Me is a silver lacquer that has a bit of holo pigment in it. By no means is it full on holo unfortunately. It's fairly thin and I needed to use three coats. The first picture was taken inside with just natural light.

Here's a great picture of it in the sun.

Here's the last two pictures with a bit of angling with the sun. It looks great in the sun! But a bit of a bummer without the sun.

I'm off to relax not for the evening. Have a great week!

Side note: Ironically, as I edit through my posts in 2014 to eliminate the arschmuncher in here I find this. That asshole cheated 4 times. So I guess you "Can Cheat On Me" lol. I'm better off don't worry. ;) 

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