Sunday, June 19, 2011

Something Different Sunday: What's in My Purse and a Nail Polish Haul

I always find it interesting to see what people have in the purse. So while cleaning mine out today I decided to take some pictures for a what's in my bag post. Below is what it looked like when I dumped it out.

So lately I've been using a brown leather Coach wristlet as my wallet/purse. Works well because I can throw it into my backpack when I need to travel to work or dog walking. You can click the picture to see it larger.

1. Ticket for zone 40 & 41 that I can validate for 24 hours travel.
2. My month public transit pass for most of the Zurich city network.
3. My US drivers license that I basically carrying around for identity purposes since I don't really drive here.
4. Store loyalty card for COOP. COOP is the grocery store I shop at 90% of the time. You can collect points for things.
5. I call them stickers, but the Swiss-Germans call them Merkli. It's like promotion vouchers. Anyways. Basically, you get 1 merkli for every 10 CHF you spend. Then you put 30 merciless on a card that gives you a discount on whatever promotion they have going on. Right now it's knives and some Pyrex.
6. 100 Franc Bill
7. Ticket to extend 1-2 zones. I went out for dinner Friday and the place was out of our usual zone.
8. Had to purchase this last night because I was traveling on public transport after 1am. It's a lively 5CHF surcharge. Plus, after 12:30am nothing runs directly to my apartment so I had to walk 20 minutes home.
9. Müller is like a Walgreen's or CVS in the states. I got some polish for myself and a friend.  A hand creme and face wipes too.
10. 2 Franc coin
11. 1 Franc coins
12. 50 cent Franc coins
13. Paperclip
14. 20 cent Franc coins
15. 10 cent Franc coins
16. 5 cent Franc pieces. These are the most annoying. They collect like pennies.
17. Not even my house key. lol Key to the apartment where I am dog walking.
18. 50 Franc Bill

Saturday was a shopping day for me!

I got the Essence Holographic Collection when I went to Müller. Along with a new hand cream and face wipes.

Friday night I was at the "mall" came across some new to me polishes at Globus. I ended going back on Saturday for a few more. The Moda ones are from a Turkish company and the neon orange and black with holo glitter are from a Swiss company. I love the suedes from Moda they wear really well!

The goal for the week is to post more! Sorry I kind of fell off the deep end. Just stressed with stuff.

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