Monday, June 20, 2011

LCN - Tropical Tulip & Essence - Circus Confetti

Hello nail fanatics! Okay, getting back into the swing of blogging right... now!

So I'm going to show off a manicure that I had on for a few days last month. I've had Essence Circus Confetti is sitting in my untried's for awhile trying to figure out the best base color to use it under. Then amusedPolish sent me some polishes. One of which was LCN Tropical Tulip a lovely electric purple creme.

I think the glitter really vibrates off of this shade of purple. What do you think?

I used two coats of Essence Circus Confetti for this look. It's a multicolored hex glitter along with micro circle gold glitter. It can be compared closely to Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday and Milani Gems but not an exact dupe unfortunately.

This is my favorite close up of my mani! I think it looks beautiful.

Essence displays can be found in parts of Europe, but for sure in German speaking countries. They do have small displays in the US and Canada, but I' not sure if they have this polish stocked. I paid about $4 for Circus Confetti in Zurich.

LCN is a German brand. I can find a small display at Swiss Marionnaud stores. Recently LCN did break into the US market. You can order them here. The price for the size bottle I have pictured is $5.90. P.S. They also sell a few different colors of magnet polish!

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