Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Milani - Hi-Res

This was something that I picked up back in January when I was in the US. Wasn't even going in to get this one. I went to four different CVS stores that day trying to find the one-coat glitters. No luck there, but I did come out with some of the colors from the 3D Holographics collection that came out ages ago.

Hi-Res is a purple shade. The interesting thing about the collection is that the polishes have these awesome silver flakes in them that catch the sunlight very nicely. This is what makes the Milani 3D Holographic Collection unique in my opinion; by no means are they full on holos but the finish in the shade is still very nice.

Here's the a picture I took of my manicure inside out of the direct sunlight. Not too shabby right!? I love the little flecks.

Of course it looks spectacular in the sun! Thankfully it was very sunny the two days I wore this and I marveled at it in the sun a lot.

This has fulfilled my need for a decent holo effect. I really can't be bothered to hunt down or pay way too much money for the old China Glaze holos. Of course the China Glaze are way better holos, then the Milani ones but Milani is way more accessible and cheaper in the US.

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