Thursday, October 7, 2010

MNY 265 - Red Jelly With Subtle Holo Glitter

I showed a preview picture of this bottle a while ago and today I finally have some swatches of it to show you. This MNY 265 and it's a cherry red jelly with a subtle holo glitter suspended in it. It's a gorgeous color and if you have access to it you should definitely buy it.

MNY stands for Maybelline New York so you may be familiar with the brand but the MNY section is only available in Germany, Norway, and Sweden from my understanding. It's also available here in Switzerland. They have a wide range of cosmetics in many colors. I would say that the prices are cheap when you compare it to the regular Maybelline line, Nivea, and Loreal. Most of the products are between $4-7 USD. I believe this polish was $3.95 CHF.

I tried my best to capture the whole, but like most things, it's better in real life the in the photos. I used four coats of polish.

Natural Light



  1. Mmm, i love glitter jellies!
    I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. lovely jelly! i want it! I don't own any jellies, yet :(

  3. Thanks! For all the lovely comments!