Thursday, October 28, 2010

OPI - Parlez-Vous OPI? with special guest OPI - Significant Other Color

Today I'm going to show you another layering I did with two OPI polishes. This time I used the second color to perk up a two day old NOTD. I usually like to change my polish every other day. If by the second day of my manicure I'm bored with it, I usually put a coat of something sheer over it. It's a great way to extend a manicure one more day.

My nail of the day for the last two days has been Parlez-Vous OPI? from the Fall 2008 France Collection. I used two coats and the result was a beautiful dusty lilac creme. It's the perfect fall color but after two days it needed a little boost.

That's where Significant Other Color comes in handy. It's from a 2006 Bright's Collection. It's too sheer for me to wear it alone, but I've found it quite handy for layering.  For layering over Parlez-Vous OPI? I used two coats. Bam! You got a whole different manicure and all it took was 5 minutes. I think it looks pretty similar to Zoya Adina which is currently on its way to me via a blog sale. So I'll have to compare the two sometime.

With flash so you can see the yellow-green shimmer.


  1. Oooh that's gorgeous! I wonder how it compares to Zoya Adina.

  2. Significant Other Color is beautiful! :)

  3. Lovely combination!
    These colors are great for this time of year :D

  4. I love those shades but they don't look so great on me.. Great on you, though :D