Friday, October 22, 2010

MNY - 306A

Today I want to share another from MNY. The brand is growing on me and I'm a little excited to see what colors they bring out for the holidays. The color I'm going to show you can currently be found in the Jungle Chick display. I chose 306A which is a very dark green with lighter yellow-green glitter flakes mixed in it. I'm sorry that the photos don't really capture the glitter that great. I didn't look at the photos till after I took off my manicure. Oops. I used three coats and the wear was just so-so. I've been having problems in general with my polish chipping and I think I need to try some different base/top coats.

This shows the base color best.
Here is the best view of the glitter flakes
Thanks for checking this out. Does anyone else like the color range of MNY

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