Monday, January 31, 2011

Barielle - Elle's Spell

There are so many things wrong with the manicure I did using Barielle Elle's Spell. First off, my skin/cuticles are terribly dry. Second, I had a really hard time applying this and didn't really like it at first. Third the tip wear is terrible and this is only 12 hours after applying. Alight, now that was the bad, let's move on to the information and the good stuff about this polish.

Elle's Spell was released Winter of 2010 as part of Barielle's Holiday Hustle Collection. I was really excited for this polish when it was first released. It's a jelly red with orange-gold flakes. Red is my favorite color and with the combination of the flakes I thought the color was gorgeous.

It's pretty. But as I was applying all four coats I was really unsure if I loved it. The polish dragged and you can see that there are still bald patches at four coats. I'm glad I was patient to put four coats on because if I, didn't I would of taken it off within a hour. At three coats I thought it was the ugliest color ever, but with the fourth it switch to pretty. I'm doing to need to give Elle's Spell another try some other time. Maybe I was just having a rough time with my nails that day.

Hot or not?

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