Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eyeko - Saucy

I made a small order from Eyeko a cosmetics company based in England. I bought three polishes Rain, Saucy, and Chi Chi. I wanted more, but I've spent too much money lately so I only chose three. I'll get more later I'm sure. Especially since they offer free shipping on any order in Europe.

Rain, Saucy, Chi Chi
Aren't the labels adorable! I think that's a unique way to label your products. Along with the descriptions on them. Rain - for city nails, Saucy - for naught nails, and Chi Chi - for girlie nails.

The first one I used was Saucy. A lovely red hot creme. Get this... I only used one coat! You have to be careful, but this polish can definitely be one coat. It's hard to tell in the picture, but it is also very shiny! I just love this red. I own a lot of red polish, but nothing like this!

I got my Eyeko polish ordered on Monday and today I got a care package from Dana and Kayla who are friends from college. Thanks girls!

They sent me some stuff that I'm missing deeply from home. A coloring book that plays Wipe Out when open!, coloring pencils, and window markers (which I've already used).A package of gummy bears, Reese's, and vanilla extract (something that I can't find in Switzerland!). Best part of all! They sent me nail polish. The OPI Swiss Mini's and OPI What's With the Cattitude? I have that one already back home, but they sent it as my something blue! Isn't that sweet.They also sent me China Glaze C-C-Courage which I now have on as my NOTD. So check out tomorrow for a post on that.


  1. Yey Reeces!

    I _loved_ migros when I lived in Switzerwooland, haha. wierdo i am.

    I love the eyeko's..... must resist.

  2. I know I specifically asked for some of those peanut butter chocolate goodies.

    We did a grocery shop at the Migros once. But I like going to the coop. It has Dr. Pepper. They also have a PDA that you can take while you shop and scan all your stuff you buy so you can see your totals. But the problem I find with grocery shopping here is that no matter which shop we go to I have to go to a different one for the other half of the list.

    Yes you must resist. haha

  3. you have the LONGEST most beautiful nailbeds! so jealous! i understand your frustration about grocery store shopping, but i feel like its the same here!

  4. That's so weird, you can find vanilla essence literally everywhere in Spain.
    Loving the nail polish btw! I'll have to look for it as soon as I land in England - next week!

  5. @jbrobeck Thanks that's one of the best compliments I've received. I've been pretty lucky in the finger nail department. I think grocery shopping is a pain in the ass where ever you live. lol

    @Mirror they have vanilla stuff here but it's usually a sugary vanilla or a powered form. This stuff as a very distinct smell. Woot! Your almost there! I don't think they sell it in stores anymore but shipping is free.