Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something Different Sunday's

Happy Sunday everybody! I scheduled this post because I'm currently staying at the hotel for a night out.

Now on to what I wanted to show for something different Sunday. Two weeks ago I went into the city for the day. I popped into H&M. I didn't buy anything but I fell in love with two items. First is a teal satin dress and the other was a creme colored sweater. My favorite clothing item is sweaters, especially cardigans. This is more of a jacket/shrug.

The dress was $50 and the sweater was $30. I plan on hopefully going back and getting the sweater. But as cute as the dress is it's not unique enough for me to buy it at this time.

For the weekend my nails are polished with OPI Color It So Hot Berns from the new Swiss Collection. Here's a sneak peek photo. I love it and it's a nice red.

With flash and nor really color accurate.

And a picture that I took last year of the city that bears the name of this polish Bern, Switzerland.


  1. Wow what a dejavu, i tried that satin dress on aswell but i never got it, thought it was slightly too expensive :o
    Love the story about you and your man!

  2. That is a dejavu! I also had nothing to wear it to.


  3. I love H&M, but there aren't any in Texas! I'm going to splurge next time I go to Cali! That shrug is adorable.

  4. H&M and the Gap are where I buy most of my clothes. So I couldn't imagine not being near H&M. They started an online shop for a few countries in Europe so I bet the US one is not to far behind. What I like about H&M is that I can usually stick to the same size in their clothes season to season. Each year I can pick the medium sweater and it's the same cut. I do get jeans at Delias or American Eagle usually.

  5. Both the dress and the sweater are so cute! By the way, I just gave you an award :)