Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I went shopping...

No nail pictures today. I had an impromptu trip downtown today and by the time I got home it was too dark for pictures. I had a very enjoyable time. It's really easy to get around Zurich so I was just hopping on and off trams all over the place.

My main goal was to find a display of the essence's new trend collection. I really wanted to get Absolutely Stylish which is a grown with green glitter mixed in it. I found it along with two more polish from alessandro.

alessandro - Dusty Purple, essence - Absolutely Stylish, alessandro - Green Genie
The color is a little off. Sorry, but you will see the true color on my nails soon. I also made a stop to Lush. A store that I never went to when I lived in the states, but now living here has become my favorite store! Over a week ago I purchased Lemony Flutter a really nice cuticle cream that has been really helping with my dry cuticles. And today I bought a massage bar called Wiccy Magic Muscles. It's meant to help soothe sore muscles and has a nice aromatherapy scent. Needless to say my body is super sore and I've been waking up super achy.

Wiccy Magic Muscles Bar
The final thing I did out today was going to the Art Museum. They have free entries on Wednesday and you also get an audio guide. It's a great deal if you ask me! I really enjoy walking around museums and sitting on the benches looking at the paintings. Hope everyone had a nice day too. I'm off to finish my nails.


  1. Ive been considering getting lemony flutter aswell but theres no lush in denmark, boo. Thankfully im going home to sweden so im gonna see if i can pick it up there :)

  2. The smell isn't exactly ideal but the product works amazingly.