Friday, September 24, 2010

New Alessandro Mini's

I found these two mini alessandro's in a new display at Manor (Swiss Department Store). The display is called Go Fashion! and had 10 shades trendy for fall. You can see the other colors here at Pinkmelon  For the size they are really expensive at about $7 USD a bottle. However, the two I bought are beautiful cremes with awesome application. The small square bottles are easy to hold and the brush is great for a mini.

First up is Dusty Purple and the name explains it all. It took three coats to cover up the patchiness. It's more gorgeous in person and is the perfect fall color. The polish dries darker then the bottle color. My middle nail is messed up sorry.

alessandro - Dusty Purple

Next up is Green Genie. It's a dusty green that leans teal. This also needed three coats. I loved it the moment I put the first coat on.

alessandro - Green Genie (natural light)

alessandro - Green Genie (flash)

alessandro mini brush
I think they are both very trendy for fall. I'm very happy that I picked them up to add to my collection. Now, while I have you here I have two more things to show. First, I wanted to give a peek of what my nails look like underneath the polish. Second, show you the beautiful red jelly with a slight holo glitter that I am waiting for a sunny day to swatch.

Not bad! Orly Bonder is my base coat and I'm lucky to not experience much staining.
Please pray for sunny days in Zurich.


  1. These are both beautiful colors!

  2. Wow that MNY polish looks gorgeous, and I love green genie. Gorgeous!

  3. Thanks gals. I'm starting to love the MNY displays.

  4. I just randomly found your blog today and wanted to say I really like it. :)