Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Models Own - Green Grass

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I went to the Zurich Zoo on Sunday. You can check out the pictures on the bottom. Sunday I wore Green Grass from Models Own. The formula is a bit watery and I needed three coats. It's a pretty simple green with a creme finish that is slightly jelly.

Isn't it pretty!? I'm going to try this on my toes soon. Might try it with a water marble in the future too.

I also added polka dots with American Apparel Hunter. Check it out...

Now some pictures from the Zoo!

Owl's are my favorite!
This is a Shoebill. My favorite odd thing at the zoo.
Look at her trying to reach over the trench for leaves.
I was able to get really close to the Rhino.
Taking an afternoon nap. ^.^
My favorite thing that we saw at the zoo was the baby hippos! OMG so cute! The one in the water would wiggle his ears every time he surfaced. And the other one made really cute sounds munching on grass!

A question for you all. I only go to the zoo every once in awhile.. Does your zoo allow smoking? The three zoos I've been to in the states Chicago, Milwaukee, and San Diego I don't remember anyone smoking there so I assume they were smoke free. Well the Zurich zoo isn't. People are smoking everywhere and it really bothered me. Considering the zoo is sold as a family outing it sucks to have the cigarette smoke in your face all the time. It can't be that great for the animals either. Does your local zoo allow smoking on grounds?


  1. no they dont here, smoking is banded in all public places in scotland and i think england too


  2. Interesting. In Wisconsin you can't smoke at bars/restaurants/stores and public buildings I believe you need to be smoking at least 15ft away.

    In Switzerland you can't smoke in bars/restaurants/stores either unless your in the enclosed smoking section. Elsewhere the whole city is full of smoke but I'm biased because I'm really sensitive to smoke. I never was subjected to this much smoke back home. The US plays a lot more anti smoking ads too. I haven't seen any anti-smoking averts on tv here and actually saw a Winston cigarette commercial played before Toy Story 3.

  3. Hey love the polka dot design. Beautiful!! The pics are fabulous!!