Thursday, September 2, 2010

Models Own - Purple Haze

This is a royal purple glitter in a clear base. I learned while swatching this that it's not meant to be layered to opaqueness. With Emerald City I was able to do four coats and have a really nice glitter manicure. Purple Haze on the other hand, looked way better at 2 coats, then it did at 5 coats. I'm going to save this for use as a glitter top coat from now on.

I tried my best to capture the color. My camera was having a hard time capturing the purple and it was looking darker then what it is in real life.

One Coat

This is the picture I like the most. I promise to never use more than two coats from now on. This is the best representation of the color.

Two Coats
Now the photo of the five coat mess that is currently on my nails. The glitter refuses to cover the very tip of my nails. How silly is that.

Five Coats
I'm kicking myself that I didn't stop at two coats. Next time I will find a nice base color for this pretty purple glitter. Can't wait for tomorrow so I can take this thick mess off.

In other news... I have been invaded by creepy spiders. This is the second one I have vacuumed up today. Look at those hairy legs!


  1. Hovering them up doesnt work lol i ahve been there and done that, they just crawl back up.......... love the ploish cover tho.... might need to invest in it... i love models own polishes. I have peacock green on just now and i wouldnt stop looking at it in the sun today lol

  2. That's why I never buy glitter nail polish... They always disappoint me when I only get a few glittery points and I need to put on 15 layers :(

  3. @lil miss giggles It worked great with Emerald City but this one is a dud. I'm quickly becoming fond of models own too. But it's not accessible here or in the states easily. Time will tell if I ever buy more.

    @mirror They can be disappointing. But check out my newest post. Might shed a new light on glitters for you.

  4. I think it would be awesome on a purple base :) OR a blurple one, lovely!

  5. I agree Honi. I'm going to have to look at what purples I have with me and try using it as a top coat.