Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Models Own - Orangeade

It's September 1st and I picked a pretty bright color for the day. I really wanted to love this color. But it's not exactly a favorite on my nails. I think I'll try it on my toes next. However, I'll need to get some nail polish thinner first as this color was a gooey mess. You can kind of tell from my pictures that it went on thickly.

Models Own Orangeade is a neon orange with gold glitter. I used a coat of white polish and then three coats of Orangeade.
Natural Light

In the black light

I enjoyed it for the day, but it's on to something different for tomorrow.


  1. Re: I really love some of E.L.F's things, like their nailpolishes. Ive sort of given up on them now though cause they keep sending me broken stuff or stuff that doesnt work so.. Think ill "bring my business elsewhere" so to speak :)

    Love the glitter, rarely see orange glitterpolishes nowadays :)

  2. OMGs I love this. It's a shame it's so thick.

  3. @Honi I did a few e.l.f. orders a few years ago and found that I never used the stuff I bought and that it was wasteful. I starting really only investing my money into bare minerals and clinique.

    @skulda and mirror I think I love it when it's on my toes. I also hope that the pink neon I have similar to this isn't thick also.