Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Models Own - Turkish Delights & Magenta Divine

Well, I have been MIA for awhile. Obviously, I had some things to keep myself busy. Monday I changed my polish finally. I went with something fall like. I chose Models Own Turkish Delights. I really loved this color and it was an unexpected choice in my Models Own order. It's a very pretty vibrant dark magenta creme. I started with two coats but yesterday after I noticed a patch or two I added another coat.

 I didn't want to change my manicure today, so I added one coat of Models Own Magenta Divine. Magenta Divine is a magenta glitter in a clear base.

Hailey from lilmissgiggles tagged me in a Random Things About Me. So....

1. I grew up in a village with 2,000 people and graduated from High School with 30 classmates.
2. I went to Australia in 2007. I loved it there.
3. I paused college to move to Zurich. I had three yours finished and still need two more before I can teach elementary school.
4. I'm a picky eating. I don't allow my food to touch either.
5. I have over 300 bottles of nail polish now.
6. We bought tickets to The Cat Empire concert today. They are my favorite band and I learned about them on my trip to Australia.
7. I really miss Diet Coke. They only have Coca Cola Light here and it's really gross.
8. My dream vacation is to go to Moscow and St. Petersberg.
9.  I'm very quiet and shy. It holds me back.
10. Despite that I have a lot of guts. I go out of my way to be gutsy.


  1. wow..nice shade..hey love your pretty smooth nails..

  2. @Rakhshanda Thanks! It's a beautiful color.