Friday, September 17, 2010

Models Own - Pink Explosion

Hello gals! It's Friday!

Yesterday I painted my nails with Models Own Pink Explosion. It's a neon pink with gold glitter! It's amazing and I love this color! I don't care that it's the middle of September but this color had to be on my nails and it was so worth it.

I used three coats. I should of used a white base underneath, but I didn't. You can see vnl in somewhat in the photos, but in real life I hardly notice. Application was okay. It was gooey similar to the consistency of Models Own Orangeade but not as bad to apply.


  1. Love it, I'm going to wear it all autumn to cheer myself up. ;)

  2. I agree on wearing it in autumn to cheer yourself up. hehe

  3. Hi, thanks for the post! It made me aware of the existense of the Models Own brand, now going to buy some stuff online.
    Is it fast to dry? Resistent?

    And the last photo is awesome! :-)


  4. I'm dying to get my hands on a bottle of this!!